Soup, Salad, and Sauce Recipes

Delight in authentic Italian Soup, Salad, and Sauce Recipes. From comforting soups to vibrant salads and flavorful sauces, savor the taste of Italy.

Image of Homemade Panna da Cucina in a white bowl, a crucial ingredient in numerous classic Italian dishes.

Homemade Panna da Cucina

Panna da Cucina is a key player in many of Italy’s most classic dishes. It is similar to whipping cream, however, this cooking cream has a much lower fat content and can not be found on shelves in the United States! Not only is it an essential ingredient to classic lasagna, but it can also be added to a variety of different pasta dishes to add an extra level of creaminess or even used as a simple sauce of its own.

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A bowl of vibrant veggie puree soup garnished with crispy bread, drizzles of olive oil, and parmesan shavings, representing an Authentic Italian Recipes dish.

Veggie Puree Soup

This puree soup is perfect for the warmer months since it’s light and simple and includes so many healthy vegetables! It’s easy to make and a great way to get young ones to eat vegetables without them even knowing it. Once it combines with the crunchy, buttery bread, silky olive oil, and salty parmesan on top your tastebuds will be in heaven – and as an added bonus it’s even better the next day for leftovers!

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