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Bowl of Pasta al Tonno topped with tomato sauce, fresh tuna, and fresh herbs.

Pasta al Tonno

Pasta al Tonno is a classically easy dish that is loved by many. It really only requires about three ingredients in total – the pasta, tomato sauce, and the tuna – making it incredibly cheap and easy to prepare! It can be difficult to get your weekly serving of fish but this dish will make it so much easier; the tomato sauce really pairs well with the natural flavor of the tuna without being overwhelming, and the pasta helps to make you feel full! Try out some other varieties too, like Pasta al Tonno e Pomodoro (with tomatoes) or Pasta al Sugo di Tonno (with Sugo, which is a type of tomato sauce with onions and garlic) and see which one you like best.

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Focaccia Genovese, a cherished Italian bread known for its crispy exterior and soft interior

Focaccia Genovese

I’ll be honest with you – making Focaccia Genovese is not for the faint of heart! This recipe takes a lot of resting and rising time, which makes it quite a long process, but the actual prep and cooking time is pretty quick overall. Not to mention, once you bite into that crispy, soft, and glossy Focaccia you’ll understand why it’s well worth the process! It is thought to have originated from the Etruscans (whose height was around 3rd century B.C.) and has remained a huge part of Italian culture, even being associated with Christmas Eve and the Epiphany. This dish is clearly loved by Italians and i’m sure you’ll love it too!

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Pasta dish featuring fresh pesto sauce and tofu, a modern and healthier twist on classic Italian cuisine.

Pesto and Tofu Pasta

This is more of a modern day Italian recipe due to the tofu, but it is a much healthier alternative to using red meat. It’s simple, quick, and a great go-to for a quick lunch when you’re in a rush! The tofu serves as a source of protein and pairs wonderfully with the aromatic pesto while the pasta helps to fill you up until your next meal. This recipe is so easy that it almost explains itself, but here is a little step-by-step to help guide you along!

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A close-up image of stuffed tomatoes, brimming with meat, veggies, and rice, topped with melted mozzarella and garnished with fresh basil

Stuffed Tomatoes

Stuffed tomatoes are a hearty and healthy dish that is full of flavor! Filled with meat, veggies, and rice, they are reminiscent of a Shepherds pie but the tomatoes serve as a much healthier base instead of a crust. The light flavors of the sauce soaked up in the rice pairs deliciously with the melted mozzarella and fills you up comfortably. While this dish does take a bit more time, it is well worth it when you take the steaming hot tomatoes out of the oven and dig into their crispy, creamy, saucy goodness!

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A bowl of vibrant veggie puree soup garnished with crispy bread, drizzles of olive oil, and parmesan shavings, representing an Authentic Italian Recipes dish.

Veggie Puree Soup

This puree soup is perfect for the warmer months since it’s light and simple and includes so many healthy vegetables! It’s easy to make and a great way to get young ones to eat vegetables without them even knowing it. Once it combines with the crunchy, buttery bread, silky olive oil, and salty parmesan on top your tastebuds will be in heaven – and as an added bonus it’s even better the next day for leftovers!

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A delicious-looking Turkey and Vegetable pie plated in a shallow bowl. The pie is golden brown and flaky, and the vegetables are perfectly cooked. The pie is garnished with fresh parsley and a sprig of rosemary.

Turkey and Vegetable Pie

This turkey and veggie pie is super simple and quick to make! Not only is it packed full of healthy vegetables and lean meat, but it also tastes absolutely incredible – even kids will be asking to have this for dinner. Its great for family night meals or having a group of friends over since you will have a whole dish to share!

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