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Immerse yourself in the rich culinary heritage of Italy with our handcrafted collection of home favorites. Founded by a passionate Roman native, our recipes are meticulously crafted to capture the essence of authentic Italian cuisine, transporting you straight to the heart of Italy.

At Authentic Italian Recipes, we believe in the power of high-quality ingredients to elevate your cooking experience. That’s why we source our ingredients directly from Italy, ensuring the utmost freshness and flavor. And now, we’re thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of our online store, where you can conveniently purchase these premium ingredients and bring the true taste of Italy to your own kitchen.

Featured Recipes

  • Turkey and Vegetable Pie

    Turkey and Vegetable Pie

    This turkey and veggie pie is super simple and quick to make! Not only is it packed full of healthy vegetables and lean meat, but it also tastes absolutely incredible – even kids will be asking to have this for dinner. Its great for family night meals or having a group of friends over since you will have a whole dish to share!

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  • Pasta all’Amatriciana

    Pasta all’Amatriciana

    This dish is not only an Italian classic but it’s also super simple and quick to make! Whip up this Amatriciana sauce after a long day of work and enjoy the delicious flavors of the guanciale mixed with the aromatic tomato sauce. Don’t forget to top it with a layer of creamy Parmesan cheese and a drizzle of silky olive oil for the final touch!

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  • Tiramisu Cups

    Tiramisu Cups

    Tiramisu is possibly one of the most famous Italian desserts across the world, known for its creamy mascarpone and coffee soaked layers that pair perfectly after a nice meal. It made its big debut in Italy around the 70’s and became a hit with the restaurants and their patrons, causing it to become one of Italy’s modern day food symbols. You will be surprised at just how easy it is to make, and you can even make it in single servings – perfect for a party or for big family dinners!

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  • Veggie Puree Soup

    Veggie Puree Soup

    This puree soup is perfect for the warmer months since it’s light and simple and includes so many healthy vegetables! It’s easy to make and a great way to get young ones to eat vegetables without them even knowing it. Once it combines with the crunchy, buttery bread, silky olive oil, and salty parmesan on top your tastebuds will be in heaven – and as an added bonus it’s even better the next day for leftovers!

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  • Parmesan Risotto

    Parmesan Risotto

    This rich and creamy risotto recipe will quickly become one of your favorites – It’s light and creamy and perfect for any time of the year. This recipe is a perfect base for other risotto recipes too, like spinach or seafood risotto, or you can just enjoy it in all its cheesy parmesan goodness!

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  • Simple Tomato Sauce from Scratch

    Simple Tomato Sauce from Scratch

    This is a classic go to for an easy pasta dish or it can be a base for other dishes, like a delicious ragu sauce. Any beginner chef can create this sauce from scratch with a small amount of ingredients and light cooking skills and will wow their guests with a flavorful and authentic dish!

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