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Cotto vs Crudo: A Guide on Prosciutto

Ah prosciutto, that thin sliced meat we all know and love across the world. So many different kinds, cuts, flavors, spices, and pairings that you’ll never get tired of it! How well do you really know your prosciutto though? Do you know the difference between Cotto and Crudo? Do you know how to cook them? Do you know how to pair them with cheese to make a Salumi board? If you answered “no” to any of these questions, worry not, for I am here to guide you through the world of prosciutto – but first, let me start with a quick Italian lesson!

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The Health Benefits of an Italian Diet

It’s hard to imagine that Italy has a “healthy” diet considering the amount of carbs that seem to dominate their dishes (we will debunk that further on), but they actually boast the second longest lifespan in Europe and only a 10% obesity rate – versus 39.8% in the United States. It’s clear that Italians put a different emphasis on their food than the rest of the world, and this attitude, along with other factors, is what sets them apart from everyone else.

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