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Focaccia Genovese, a cherished Italian bread known for its crispy exterior and soft interior

Focaccia Genovese

I’ll be honest with you – making Focaccia Genovese is not for the faint of heart! This recipe takes a lot of resting and rising time, which makes it quite a long process, but the actual prep and cooking time is pretty quick overall. Not to mention, once you bite into that crispy, soft, and glossy Focaccia you’ll understand why it’s well worth the process! It is thought to have originated from the Etruscans (whose height was around 3rd century B.C.) and has remained a huge part of Italian culture, even being associated with Christmas Eve and the Epiphany. This dish is clearly loved by Italians and i’m sure you’ll love it too!

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Pasta dish featuring fresh pesto sauce and tofu, a modern and healthier twist on classic Italian cuisine.

Pesto and Tofu Pasta

This is more of a modern day Italian recipe due to the tofu, but it is a much healthier alternative to using red meat. It’s simple, quick, and a great go-to for a quick lunch when you’re in a rush! The tofu serves as a source of protein and pairs wonderfully with the aromatic pesto while the pasta helps to fill you up until your next meal. This recipe is so easy that it almost explains itself, but here is a little step-by-step to help guide you along!

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A serving of Sardinian Honey and Pecorino Seadas, showcasing the creamy cheese filling and gooey honey topping, an evolution from a main dish to a savory dessert.

Sardinian Honey and Pecorino Seadas

This creamy and sweet Sardinian treat was originally created to be enjoyed after a long day of work. The protein packed cheese helped farmers regain their strength after a day in the fields, and the sweet gooey honey on top was the perfect touch to make it deliciously rich! This classic dish was intended to be eaten as a main dish, but over time it has evolved into more of a savory dessert all across Italy!

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A hearty dish of Ragu alla Bolognese, representing traditional Bolognese cuisine.

Ragu alla Bolognese

Ragu is a classic dish in Italy with all kinds of variations – from different meats to different wines – with respect to certain regions! Ragu alla Bolognese specifically comes from the city Bologna and features a white wine meat based sauce, versus a red wine based sauce like Ragu alla Napoletana (from Naples). You may find some recipes that include a cream or milk in their Ragu, however, we choose to omit this due to taste and health factors. The important thing about Ragu is that it is an open ended recipe, meaning you can add and omit things as you like, so try it out a couple times and see which variation you like best!

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A close-up image of stuffed tomatoes, brimming with meat, veggies, and rice, topped with melted mozzarella and garnished with fresh basil

Stuffed Tomatoes

Stuffed tomatoes are a hearty and healthy dish that is full of flavor! Filled with meat, veggies, and rice, they are reminiscent of a Shepherds pie but the tomatoes serve as a much healthier base instead of a crust. The light flavors of the sauce soaked up in the rice pairs deliciously with the melted mozzarella and fills you up comfortably. While this dish does take a bit more time, it is well worth it when you take the steaming hot tomatoes out of the oven and dig into their crispy, creamy, saucy goodness!

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A delicious serving of Fettuccine Panna with Prosciutto Cotto and Peas, a renowned Italian dish.

Fettuccine Panna with Prosciutto Cotto and Peas

This pasta dish is incredibly easy to make and packed with delicious flavors! The thin sliced Prosciutto Cotto pairs so nicely in the simple creamy Panna da Cucina sauce and juicy peas. This is actually considered a luxurious dish in parts of Italy, and in Rome it is a highly desired dish of the Pope due to its simplicity and light creamy flavor. Everyone is sure to love this meal!

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Image of Homemade Panna da Cucina in a white bowl, a crucial ingredient in numerous classic Italian dishes.

Homemade Panna da Cucina

Panna da Cucina is a key player in many of Italy’s most classic dishes. It is similar to whipping cream, however, this cooking cream has a much lower fat content and can not be found on shelves in the United States! Not only is it an essential ingredient to classic lasagna, but it can also be added to a variety of different pasta dishes to add an extra level of creaminess or even used as a simple sauce of its own.

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Delicious Penne Pasta with Salmon and Vodka, a flavorful Italian recipe from Authentic Italian Recipes.

Penne Pasta with Salmon and Vodka

Penne pasta with salmon and vodka is one of the tastiest ways to revisit a great classic of the 1970s cuisine. In fact, the vodka pennette became popular in kitchens around the world thanks to their exotic flavor and fast preparation times. This dish is an appetizing choice to bring to the table and a very simple and tasty first course, especially for salmon lovers who like to take advantage of this versatile ingredient!

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Delicious Classic Meatballs and Pasta, a traditional Italian recipe from Authentic Italian Recipes.

Classic Meatballs and Pasta

The most important thing about this recipe is to let it cook long enough to get that rich, slow cooked flavor. Everything in the recipe card below is laid out step by step, but there is a little variation in the cook time. The longer you cook the pasta and meatballs, the better the dish tastes, so just be sure you leave that good hour or two for simmering – it will make a world of difference!

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A batch of pristine white Italian Meringue cookies plated on a contrasting light brown dish, showcasing their crispy lightweight texture.

Italian Meringue Cookies

While Meringue might have a complicated history that is hard to pinpoint, it is still considered a part of Italian food history as well. There are actually three different types of Meringue – Swiss, French, and Italian – and they are all very similar with slight variations. This recipe will, of course, follow the Italian recipe for Meringue, and we will be making them into crispy lightweight cookies. They are a wonderful little treat, perfect for all ages and so incredibly easy and cheap to make that you will be making a batch every weekend!

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