Mutti Tomato Puree – Passata 24.5 oz (4 Pack)


Experience the exquisite taste of Mutti sun-ripened tomatoes, crafted exclusively from 100% Italian tomatoes. Through a meticulous transformation process, these tomatoes are carefully selected and undergo a refined method to produce a luscious puree with a gentle touch of Mediterranean sea salt. By skillfully removing the skin and seeds, we create a silky-smooth texture that highlights the tomatoes’ vibrant red hue and delightful sweetness. Rest assured, our pureed tomatoes are of the utmost quality, as they are free from GMOs, additives, and preservatives, ensuring an authentic and pure tomato experience.

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Made from 100% Italian tomatoes, Mutti sun-ripened tomatoes undergo a finely-tuned transformation process, resulting in a sweet, velvety puree with a hint of Mediterranean sea salt. The tomatoes are carefully processed, with the removal of skin and seeds, to create a smooth and luxurious texture that showcases their vibrant red color and delightful sweetness. These pureed tomatoes are  of the highest quality and are made without any GMOs,  additives, or preservatives.


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